Fred Moten’s primary intellectual and aesthetic concerns are social movement and aesthetic experiment in black study. His latest projects are a poetry collection, Perennial Fashion   Presence Falling (Wave Books, 2023), a record album, Fred Moten/Brandon López/Gerald Cleaver (Reading Group Records, 2022) and an essay collection, All Incomplete (Minor Compositions, 2021), co-authored with Stefano Harney.

In addition to his collaborations with Harney, and with López and Cleaver, Moten has worked with many other artists, artist collectives, and study groups, including the Anti-Colonial Machine, the Black Arts Movement School Modality, the Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy, Renee Gladman, Renée Green, the Institute for Physical Sociality, Arthur Jafa, the Jazz Study Group, Jennie C. Jones, Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective, George Lewis, Moved by the Motion, the Otolith Group, William Parker, and the Harris-Moten Quartet.

Moten lives in New York and teaches performance studies and comparative literature at New York University.

In the Break (2013)
The Undercommons (2013)
All Incomplete (2021)
B Jenkins (2009)

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